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Special Issue - Climate Justice

November 2023 

Table of Contents

Guest Editors:

Shirley Walters, Astrid von Kotze and Shauna Butterwick


Part One: A pluriverse of conversations  

Unlearning Separation and Relearning Relationality with the Pluriverse. Report of PIMA Teach-Ins 

Shauna Butterwick

Unearthing and digging in: A Multimedia Food Sovereignty Project

Deborah Barndt

Land-based de-colonisation: Embodying Reciprocity and Responsibility

Denise Nadeau

Education needs a ‘new story’ urgently! 

Timothy Ireland

Centering Indigenous Rights to Challenge Climate Colonialism

Sharon Stein and Jan Hare 

Thanks, but no thanks: Standard Bank can have its journalism award back

Leonie Joubert 

Part Two: A pluriverse of personal stories


No time like the present! Unlearning separation in the wilderness

Shirley Walters

Drawing attention to the value of Scotland’s peat and wetlands

Nic Dickson

Climate justice education: Stitching together hope and resilience 

Buhle Francis 

Stories matter – the past, kinship, and the cosmic web 

Sharon Clancy

Women, resilience, waste management and technology

Bolatumi Oyegoke

Listening to the Rain: The Truth of Land Speaks 

Serap Asar Brown 


Part Three: A pluriverse of activities

Seeds as a connection, via self, to the universe: a meditative inquiry

Katie Ross

Animating ecofeminism for just futures

Maggie Mapondera

Connecting: A mystica

Barefoot Guide 13 - Restoring our Home in Nature - the ABN Story


The gut as an ecosystem 

Astrid von Kotze


Proverbs that reinforce separation

Astrid von Kotze

Resources: Websites and links 

Book Review - Shauna Butterwick

Unsettling Spirit – a Journey into Decolonization (2021, University of McGill), by Denise Nadeau 

Part Four:  PIMA Business and Welcome to New Members

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