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Special Issue - Climate Justice Education

November 2023

Part One: Introduction

A Pluriverse of Conversations

Here there are five powerful articles that inspire visions of new possibilities. They unearth major systemic tensions and contradictions for institutions, people, and communities, who are responding to the climate crisis in earnest. They paint the big and small pictures, which manifest in practical tools and suggestions to help us make our way into new relational ways of being.


Unlearning Separation and Relearning Relationality with the Pluriverse. Report of PIMA Teach-Ins 

Shauna Butterwick

Unearthing and digging in: A Multimedia Food Sovereignty Project

Deborah Barndt

Land-based de-colonisation: Embodying Reciprocity and Responsibility

Denise Nadeau

Education needs a ‘new story’ urgently! 

Timothy Ireland

Centering Indigenous Rights to Challenge Climate Colonialism

Sharon Stein and Jan Hare 

Thanks, but no thanks: Standard Bank can have its journalism award back

Leonie Joubert 


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