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Special Issue - Climate Justice Education

November 2023

Part Three: Introduction

A Pluriverse of Activities

While our hearts may be ‘in the right place’, we require more tangible action for transformation. As educators many of us often look out for ideas on how to kickstart action. 

In Part 1, Deborah Barndt has included numerous activities - they are not repeated here, but please take a look and try them out!  

In this section, there are a range of suggestions to create the impetus for becoming aware of and transgressing the separation between humans and other lifeforms. We encourage all educators to try out these ideas, give feedback, and share new and different ideas with the Bulletin Editors.

Seeds as a connection, via self, to the universe: a meditative inquiry

Katie Ross

Animating ecofeminism for just futures

Maggie Mapondera

Connecting: A mystica

Barefoot Guide 13 - Restoring our Home in Nature - the ABN Story


The gut as an ecosystem 

Astrid von Kotze


Proverbs that reinforce separation

Astrid von Kotze

Resources: Websites and links 

Book Review

Unsettling Spirit – a Journey into Decolonization (2021, University of McGill), by Denise Nadeau 

Shauna Butterwick

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