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Part three: A pluriverse of activities

Connecting: A mystica

This is from: Barefoot Guide 13 - Restoring our Home in Nature - the ABN Story




Dear friends, as you know, a mystica is a short ritual to set the tone for the day or a meeting. Mysticas shift us beyond our thinking brain and engage our heart and whole being, reminding us why we do what we do and giving deeper meaning to our work, purpose and shared identity. 


This mystica is about the Four Elements and their connection to the Four Directions: 


South is warm, energetic and directed. It brings creativity and passion and looks to the future. There is so much work that can be done. Its colour is red. It is related to the element of Fire. 


Opposite is North, solid and grounded. It is quiet, thoughtful and reliable. It hankers after the past and sometimes feels overwhelmed by the future. It is compassionate and wise. Its colour is blue. It is related to the element of Earth. 


East is light, joyful and embracing, with much movement, inspiration and possibility for change. Moments, activities and ideas are ever-changing. Its colour is yellow. It is related to the element of Air/Wind. 


Opposite is West, cool and calming. It goes with the flow, contemplates, and connects. It lives in the present, steadily doing what needs to be done. Its colour is green. It is related to the element of Water. 




This is what I would like to invite you to do: Now that you understand the Four Elements and Four Directions, I would like you to each turn towards the direction to which you feel most drawn and go on a 30-minute solo walk (15 minutes there and 15 minutes back) in that direction. Don’t think too hard about where to go. Follow your instincts. 


When you return, we will share our stories and insights.

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