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PIMA is incorporated in Victoria, Australia, as Friends of PASCAL International Association. It is an expanding global network of diverse individual adult and lifelong learning educators, activists, and scholars. It grew out of PASCAL. ​


We collaborate with PASCAL and many other bodies, towards greater social, economic, and ecological justice. We contribute to ‘outside-of-the-box’ thinking to address the contemporary local/global crises and issues. We encourage members to work together and in solidarity with one another to bring the expertise of adult learning and education (ALE), within a lifelong learning orientation, to the resolution of everyday issues and problems.

About Us: Bio


Shirley Walters.jpg

As President, Shirley Walters sees PIMA as an important emergent network of scholars and practitioners in areas of adult and lifelong learning and education. As a Professor Emerita of Adult and Continuing Education at the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, and a scholar-activist, she says “I am committed to finding collective ways to address the immense ecological, socio-economic and political challenges of the times towards greater justice for the majority. I love hiking, cycling and enjoying being in nature”.


As Vice President, Heribert Hinzen’s work in adult education started in the mid-1970s in local centers. As the previous Director in the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association for a long time. A strong supporter of civil society action, and as current Vice-President for professional organizations like ICAE and EAEA, and also serving as an Honorary Fellow of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning. In Hinzen’s words, “today PIMA for me is a good opportunity to be active in areas of global citizenship education for sustainable development. Work starts at home – I am a passionate gardener.”

Dorothy Lucardie.jpg

Dorothy Lucardie, is a well-known practitioner, researcher, administrator, and leader in the field of Adult Education in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. As a practitioner, she has facilitated a range of adult education courses and programs in higher education, community education and in industry. Dorothy has contributed to the leadership of the national peak body Adult Learning Australia as President, her advocacy for its work and her relationship building with international allies. Dorothy was the founder President of the Friends of PASCAL International Association (PIMA).


Julia Denholm is the dean of Lifelong Learning at Simon Fraser University. She was formerly dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, at Capilano University, as well as dean of kálax-ay, Capilano’s Sunshine Coast campus. She obtained her Ph.D. in educational studies and her master of arts in English literature from the University of British Columbia.

Colin McGregor.png

Colin McGregor is the former Director of Adult and Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa. ACE Aotearoa, a non-governmental organisation, is the lead body for Adult and Community Education in New Zealand. Our role is to support ACE providers through training, resources, conferences and sharing best practice. Colin says “I am committed to promoting the value of lifelong learning and ensuring access to learning opportunities.”

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Dr. Habil Balázs Németh is a researcher on European adult and lifelong learning policy development and comparative adult education. He is an associate professor and reader in Adult Learning and Education at the University of Pécs and a founding member of the Hungarian Universities Lifelong Learning Network (MELLearN). Further research topics of his are: Politics and Adult Education; Comparative Adult Education; History of Modern European Adult Education and Learning City-Region Developments in association with the global network of learning cities programme (GNLC) of UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning. Balázs Németh is a member of Steering Committee of EUCEN for 2015-19 period being responsible for policy affairs and talks. He is a vice-Director of PASCAL International Observatory for Central-East Europe, Executive President of MELLearN and the current president of the Adult Education Sub-Commission of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

KHAU HUU PHUOC, Committee Member

Khau Huu Phuoc had had 22 years’ experience in teacher training and curriculum design at Ho Chi Minh University of Education, Vietnam before he transferred to the Regional Centre for Lifelong Learning (SEAMEO CELLL). As Manager of Research and Training at the Centre, he has conducted workshops, seminars on issues related to lifelong learning and adult learning and education for master trainers and teachers of non-formal education from the region, written articles exploring the themes in Southeast Asia, and most recently developed the Curriculum for Managers of Adult Education Centres for international use by DVV International. He has contributed as a speaker to various events organized by ASPBAE, UNESCO Bangkok, DVV International.

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COLETTE FEBRUARY, Committee Member

Dr Colette February is a lecturer in Adult Education at the University of the Western Cape. She has a master’s degree in Literacy Studies from the University of Cape Town, and a master’s degree in Adult Learning and Global Change from  the University of the Western Cape. Since 2017 she is the local coordinator of an intercontinental, intentionally online,  adult education postgraduate programme, and which has become a successful  twenty three-year international collaboration between the Universities of British Columbia, Linköping and the Western Cape. Her PhD dissertation allowed her to explore her interest in nontraditional students and lifelong learning in higher education. Dr February is also interested in findings ways to make lifelong learning personally and socially meaningful, and believes that authenticated forms of lifelong learning may assist in democratizing the public spheres and educational contexts she knows and seeks to build.

LESLIE CORDIE, Committee Member

Dr. Leslie Cordie is an Associate Professor in Adult Education at Auburn University and Affiliate Faculty with the University Writing Center. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and a PhD in Adult Education and Technical Communication from Colorado State University. Her specialties include instructional and curricula design, professional development, and distance learning.  Cordie has over 25 years of experience working and consulting in academic, business, and military environments.  Dr. Cordie is a Fulbright Scholar with active international collaborations in the West Indies, Ireland, the UK and Asia.  For more information, see her eportfolio at:

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