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Special Issue - Climate Justice Education

November 2023

Part Two: Introduction

A Pluriverse of Personal Stories

The stories are thoughtful reflections on unlearning, relearning, learning, for climate justice. They illustrate how personal experiences can open pathways into the political; whilst the stories reflect descriptions and ponderings of individuals, they clearly point to the systemic contexts which shape them.  Whether immersion into ‘wild’ Nature, engagement with fishers and land-restorers, or art and creative expressions, the engagement with Nature challenges the learnt separation and points into various directions for unlearning and forging new relationships.

We encourage readers to think about your own relationships with Nature and moments when you felt that contradictions could lead to both new insights, and action, towards alternative, reciprocal, respectful relations,  forging new ways of being/acting together.

No time like the present! Unlearning separation in the wilderness

Shirley Walters

Drawing attention to the value of Scotland’s peat and wetlands

Nic Dickson

Climate justice education: Stitching together hope and resilience 

Buhle Francis 

Stories matter – the past, kinship, and the cosmic web 

Sharon Clancy

Women, resilience, waste management and technology

Bolatumi Oyegoke

Listening to the Rain: The Truth of Land Speaks 

Serap Asar Brown 

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