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Warm greetings to all PIMA members

From the PIMA Committee we send you warm greetings for the holiday season after a long year in which we know more sharply than ever that we need new paradigms which allow us to re-create, re-imagine, re-member our connections and collaborations towards New Beginnings. After a long year, it is also time to celebrate, advises Anne Hope, the late South African adult educator and co-author of the widely used Training for Transformation Series. Enjoy her playful and encouraging words and ‘let the lion within you roar’!

New Beginning

Stop all this procrastination

Turn the mind to something more

It is time for celebration

Burn the junk in conflagration

Put the remnants in a drawer

Stop all this procrastination

Explore new-found fascination

Open wide your mind’s closed door

It is time for celebration

Find a novel destination

Let the lion within you roar

Stop all this procrastination

A new task will spur creation

Risk those feelings, though they’re raw

It is time for celebration

Face another generation

Archetypes lie at the core

Stop all this procrastination

Time, yes time for celebration.

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