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Notice of 6th Annual General Meeting

To: All PIMA Members

Please be advised that the Annual General Meeting for the Friends of PASCAL Member Association (PIMA) will held on Monday 17 May (Sunday 16 May in Americas) online via ZOOM. If you are unable to attend can we urge you allocate your proxy in the form attached. We require 10% of members to attend online or by proxy to reach a quorum.

Please make every effort to attend. Your contributions to reflections on the past year and projections into the next two years will greatly assist your new incoming PIMA Committee.

As the term of office for Office Bearers and members of the PIMA committee are two years we are now calling for nominations from the membership for the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and 5 Committee members for 2021 and 2022. NB that it is a condition of our registration that nominees for Secretary must live in Australia. Current office bearers and committee members are eligible to nominate for any position. PIMA members may nominate themselves and other current members.

To nominate please complete the nomination form or send an email to the Secretary, Dorothy Lucardie by May 2nd, 2021. If more nominations than positions are received a returning officer will be appointed and an election will be held online prior to the AGM between May 3rd- 16th 2021. The election results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting May 17. If no nominations are received for any position, nominations will be called for from the floor of the AGM.

The set of documents (Agenda, Constitution, Minutes of 5th AGM, Nomination and Proxy Form) have been sent to all members via email. Should you not receive them, please email the Secretary. For further details or questions, please contact the Secretary, Dorothy Lucardie,

Kind regards,

Dorothy Lucardie

PIMA Secretary

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