Learning through novels

Seasonal greetings. This is a time to read novels! What can we learn about climate change from novels? In PIMA Bulletin No. 39 (https://www.pimanetwork.com/post/pima-bulletin-no-39-nov-2021 ), Astrid von Kotze (p. 37) explores this question through novels by, amongst others, Ruth Ozeki, Barbara Kingsolver, and Amitav Ghosh. Rani, the dolphin in Ghosh’s Gun Island (2019:97), feels that “everything she was familiar with – the water, the currents, the earth itself – was rising up against her”. She has to unlearn and relearn in order to survive changing conditions.

Pima Bulletin No. 39 questions how we, adult educators, scholars, activists, play, engage, inhabit ‘climate justice’ – its theory and practice? What roles can we play to mitigate and adapt to the dramatic, anticipated environmental changes? The 11 articles are useful triggers in response to these questions.

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