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Highlights from the Bulletin

Greetings. In the PIMA Bulletin No. 39, we ask: how do we, adult educators, scholars, activists, play, engage, inhabit ‘climate justice’ – its theory and practice? How can we mitigate and adapt to the dramatic, anticipated environmental changes, and help envision alternative futures?

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Elizabeth Lange (page 43) describes how it’s in cities and towns that the fury of fire, floods, extreme weather and superstorms are experienced and where protection of citizens is located and rebuilding takes place. She presents a case study of one town where they are learning towards regenerative futures.

As she says, “As educators and scholars, there are so many ways we can offer our gifts and expertise, thereby encouraging important shifts toward a life-giving world. In these small ways, we are co-planting the seeds that create the world in which we, our children, and grandchildren yearn to live”.

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