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Education in Times of Climate Change

The seventh edition of NORRAG Special Issue (NSI)is entitled “Education in Times of Climate Change.” Produced in partnership with the Rhodes University Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC), the journal was launched on 6 October by NORRAG in an online webinar to an expansive audience.

Introducing the journal, co-editor Distinguished Professor Lotz-Sisitka, SARChI Chair of Global Change and Social Learning Systems at Rhodes University, acknowledged this important partnership for environmental education globally with NORRAG. NORRAG are an impressive global organisation network for international policies and cooperation in education and training.

Climate change is not a new issue for education. Still, new levels of consensus and concern are emerging that indicate that new policy is emerging to deal with this challenge through education. Introducing the journal to the international audience, Professor Lotz-Sisitka stated, "A key message of this journal is that education in times of climate change must be transformative, if not transgressive."

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