Climate crisis

Greetings. Climate crises disproportionately affect indigenous, peasant and working-class women. In PIMA Bulletin No. 39 (https://www.pimanetwork.com/post/pima-bulletin-no-39-nov-2021 ), Mela Chiponda (p.12) presents ecofeminism as a useful framework for adult educators to use to analyse situations and design curricula to respond to them, as it refuses to disentangle ecological degradation, capitalism and patriarchy. She highlights ecofeminist popular education as an important response to the climate emergency.

Pima Bulletin No. 39 questions how we, adult educators, scholars, activists, play, engage, inhabit ‘climate justice’ – its theory and practice? What roles can we play to mitigate and adapt to the dramatic, anticipated environmental changes? The 11 articles are useful triggers in response to these questions.

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