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Campaigning together towards CONFINTEA 2022: TOR for a PIMA Special Interest Group) SIG on CONFINTEA

The PIMA Committee has decided to create a Special Interest Group (SIG) on CONFINTEA. This SIG would be of special interest to all those in adult learning and education (ALE) with a lens on biographical and institutional perspectives of lifelong learning (LLL). The SIG would be linked to other PIMA activities, and at the same time contribute to the implementation of the PIMA Communication Strategy. Expectations are that this SIG could have an impact on CONFINTEA VII, and make PIMA more widely known. SIG activities:

  • Regular information to the membership

  • Inform of important news via the Website

  • Contribute materials and reflections to the Bulletin

  • Liaise and cooperate with partners and stakeholders

  • Jointly work on specific professional ALE aspects

  • Engage in parallel processes like the current UNESCO Futures of Education.

Please contact Heribert Hinzen at, if you’d like to be a member of the CONFINTEA Special Interest Group!

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