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Special Issue - Climate Justice Education- November 2023

This Bulletin grew out of the conversations within the PIMA Bulletin Number 48, January 2023 January 2023 Bulletin TOC | PIMA Network where we began to (re)envision relations between humans and the more-than-human world from different vantage points. We noted that many adult educators, like us, have been brought up within the Western world view of hierarchical dualisms, where development is growth, and a serious imbalance between consumption and production further threatens particularly the majority world.

The bulletin is divided into four parts, with eighteen articles by authors from Brazil, Canada, Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom and Australia. Each section opens a ‘pluriverse of possibilities’ with identification of key ideas, stories, and activities of climate justice education. Shirley Walters and Astrid von Kotze, Editors.

A PDF of the Bulletin is also attached.

PIMA Special Issue - Climate Justice Education - Nov2023
Download PDF • 8.08MB

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