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Invitation to Webinar in Climate Justice and ALE series on 24/25 May 2021

Updated: May 30, 2021

Co-hosted by PIMA, ALA, CASAE and SCUTREA

Resilience or rebellion? Exploring ‘resilience’ and climate justice: challenges for ALE

In these times of extreme precarity, a new buzzword is ‘resilience’. In combination

with adjectives resilience means many dierent things to dierent constituencies

across the natural and social sciences, ranging from absorptive to adaptive;

restorative to transformative resilience. This webinar explores dierent interpretations

of resilience and outlines a variety of resilience capacities in the context of climate

justice. We pose the questions: how do we as adult educators understand and utilise

the concept of ‘resilience’? What understandings of `resilience’ are most useful and

generative in the collective struggles towards climate justice?

Host: Shirley Walters, PIMA President

Moderators: Joy Polanco O’Neil and Astrid von Kotze


Odirilwe Selomane is a Researcher at the Centre for Sustainability Transitions (CST), Stellenbosch University, South Africa and director of the global Programme for Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS). Odi Selomane’s work focuses on using a complexity lens to understand and improve the ways development and sustainability are measured, monitored and incorporated in current decision-making processes from local to global levels. He is especially interested in issues related to inequality and intertwined social-ecological futures and how these play out in current development narratives.


Mela Chiponda is an African feminist working for gender and environmental justice, with a PhD in Development Studies and currently working for Just Associates in Zimbabwe.

Eurig Scandrett is a senior lecturer at Queen Mary University, Edinburgh, and former chair of Friends of the Earth, Scotland.

Mercy Kappen, Visthar Academy of Justice and Peace, India (TBC)

Discussion: In plenary

Date: 24/25 May 2021

Length: 75 min

Time: PDT on 24 May, 11pm (Vancouver); CAT/CEST on 25 May, 8am (Harare, Berlin); IST on 25

May, 11.30am (India); CST/SGT 25 May, 2pm (Beijing, Singapore); AEST 25 May, 4pm (Sydney)

Venue: Zoom

Please register in advance for this meeting:

For further information contact Dorothy Lucardie:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

In preparation for the webinar, you’re invited to read a short Oxfam article on resilience:

PIMA-webinar-24:25 May 2021
Download PDF • 2.81MB

Link to webinar video

PIMA Webinar report May 24.25
Download PDF • 76KB

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Please find below a link to the recording of the Climate Justice Education webinar held on the 24th May 2022. We hope you can take the time and enjoy the discussion.

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