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Gardener's Corner ~ 2 

From Darlene (Lenie) Clover


I first met Chris (and Liz) in 1994. It would be my first trip to England after graduation from the University of Toronto where I had read English Literature. Chris (and Liz) invited us to stay with them in their glorious home in Leamington Spa and use it as a base to explore the countryside. I will never forget the most glorious of all ‘pub crawls’, the extraordinary wild place that was Chris’s garden and the exquisite tastes of his vegetables (and Liz’s cooking). My husband and I have since had many adventures with Chris (and Liz) across Canada, England, Wales, France and Turkey and I look forward to more.

From Julia Denholm


In 2018, I was introduced to PIMA, and consequently not only to Chris, but to the PIMA ExCo and its extraordinarily experienced members. Chris’s generosity, kindness, and good humour have made me feel welcome despite my pitiful lack of knowledge of the ALE sphere. His global connections are enviable; his productivity is mind-boggling; and his expertise in ALE is beyond comprehensive. No-one can replace Chris; we are all going to have to step up to ensure that the work he has started continues to flourish. Thank you, Chris. The opportunity to work with you and your PIMA colleagues has been a tremendous honour.

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