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Part Two: What must be done?

Messages are loud and clear in both the popular media and scientific papers, we need ‘all hands-on deck’ to act quickly together to take necessary actions to avoid the worst effects of rapid climate change and simultaneously imagine life giving alternatives. As Erin Kelsey (2020) demonstrates, there are many `bright spots` where people are working towards inspiring, hopeful alternatives. The following thoughtful contributions are examples of these.

Language Matters

Shauna Butterwick


Conversations with Children about Climate Justice

Claudia Diaz-Diaz


Climate Justice Imaginings

Astrid von Kotze


We’re Drinking the Tears of Our Ancestors: Reflections on a Music Video as Decolonising PhD Practice Towards Water Justice

Sarah Van Borek


Museums and Climate (In)justice

Darlene E. Clover


Intergenerational Learning in the Classroom

Colette February


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