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Adult Learning for Political Parties

Daniel Bladh


About the Author

Bladh is a regular teacher in the Folk High School Teacher Programme and the Adult Learning and Global Change Master's Programme. He is also involved in different international collaborations and has e.g., worked extensively with Ukrainian partners to support a tradition of popular adult education in Ukraine. A collaboration which has intensified since the outbreak of the war. The collaboration aspires to expand and enhance the transformational role that popular adult education can play, both during the current circumstances, but even more during the coming national rebuilding and in the long-term construction of peace. Email:

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Daniel Bladh is a doctoral student in adult learning and education at Linköping University in Sweden. The thesis defense takes place in the beginning of the autumn semester 2023. The main focus of his research is the design and organization of intra-party education which is provided by political parties in Sweden to their members and representatives. Intra-party education is organized in all political parties that are currently represented in the national parliament and may cover topics such as ideology, communication, or leadership. The research also focuses on how the organization of intra-party education may affect the actions of the parties and their representatives when working to attain political goals in the political landscape.


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