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PIMA Business

1. PIMA’s AGM was held on 12 May 2023. The following members were elected to the Committee: President Shirley Walters; Vice President Heribert Hinzen; Secretary Dorothy Lucardie; Treasurer Julia Denholm; Members Phuoc Khau, Colin Mc Gregor, Balazs Nemeth, Colette February, and Leslie Cordie. There is continuity in the Committee with Colette and Leslie as newcomers. There was lively discussion on priorities for PIMA and members were invited to submit proposals on issues that they would like to take forward. PIMA is its members and therefore dependent on members leading in action. 

2. Chris Duke:  At the AGM, we were delighted to be able to acknowledge Chris Duke’s major contribution to PIMA, in person. He expressed deep appreciation for the Special Issue of the Bulletin, Number 47, which detailed the “Footpath of his life”. We were very pleased that the timing of the bulletin meant Chris had time to savour messages of deep honouring from around the world, before his very sad passing on 22 June 2023. Chris was a towering figure in the adult education movement. For this reason, ASPBAE, where Chris was secretary-general from 1972-1985, has initiated a coordinated effort amongst PIMA, ICAE, DVV International, PRIA India, amongst others, to celebrate Chris’ life through a series of events. We will keep you informed of these. Link to Obituary 


3. Climate Justice Education: Together with other networks of CASAE, MOJA Africa, ALA, SCUTREA, PIMA co-hosts teach-ins on 14 September and 5 October, which will be led by Dr. Elizabeth Lange, PIMA member and author of the inspiring book (2023), Transformative Sustainability Education: Reimagining our Future. This book lays out the principles and practices of transformative sustainability education using a relational way of thinking and being. Please see the PIMA blog link with the invitation attached; please circulate as appropriate.


4. Welcome to new PIMA member, John Zimba, who is a postgraduate researcher at the University of East Anglia in the School of Education and Lifelong Learning. He is currently working on a research project that explores adult learning, literacy, and rural women’s livelihoods in Zambia using ethnographic study. Driven by the desire to help improve rural women’s access to improved quality of life, the study explores literacy as a social practice and how this shapes women’s livelihood experiences and consequently their well-being. Through the study, it is hoped that understanding multiple ways of engaging with literacy will help inform future programmes and policies that appreciate the context of learners.


Warm thanks to Dorothy Lucardie and Colin McGregor for co-editing this bulletin and Leslie Cordie for web formatting. 

With best wishes

Shirley Walters, PIMA President 

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