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The Mandala in Higher Education: Higher Education that Leaves No One Behind

Living with multiple and interrelated economic, political, cultural, and environmental crises, many educational policymakers, teachers, researchers, and scholar-activists recognise the need to develop new and different ways of knowing. Central questions for those concerned with transformation are: which ways of knowing and what kind of knowledge are most helpful for these times? This PIMA Bulletin Special Issue, jointly produced with the UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education, addresses these questions amongst others.

Through the co-chair holders, Drs Budd Hall, and Rajesh Tandon, Maeva Gauthier (University of Victoria) and Niharika Kaul (PRIA) were invited to be co-editors. We thank them sincerely for undertaking this task with great aplomb. The timing of the Bulletin is planned to feed into the UNESCO’s 3rd World Conference in Higher Education, Barcelona, 18-20 May 2022. We encourage all those concerned with `knowledge democracy` to share the ideas within the bulletin far and wide.

PIMA Bulletin No. 41
Download DOCX • 1.22MB

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