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Responding to UNESCO’s Futures of Education Initiative

The International Council of Adult Education (ICAE) is currently drafting a response to the UNESCO’s Futures of Education Initiative and is seeking input into this response. PIMA members are invited to contact Shirley,, or Heribert who are members of the ICAE writing group.

To assist PIMA members two additional resources have been added to the PIMA website. The first is a response to the UNESCO’s Futures of Education Initiative from the Institute of Lifelong Learning published this year. The second is a short submission by the ICAE 26 years ago.

Report | A transdisciplinary expert consultation: Contribution to the Futures of Education initiative.

UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, 2020

This report, a contribution to UNESCO's Futures of Education initiative, reflects on the potential contribution of lifelong learning both in transforming the field of education and in creating a more sustainable, healthy, and inclusive future.

It presents “a future-focused vision of education, which demands a major shift towards a culture of lifelong learning by 2050. It argues that the challenges humanity faces, those resulting from the climate crisis and from technological and demographic change, not to mention those posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the inequalities it has exacerbated, call for societies that understand themselves as learning societies and people who identify themselves as learners throughout their lives.

Report_Embracing a culture of LLL_2020
Download P • 3.24MB

Adult education and lifelong learning: Issues, concerns, and recommendations

ICAE, 1994

This is a copy of a submission made by the ICAE to the International Commission on Education and Learning for the Twenty-First Century. Unfortunately, many of the issues and recommendations in the submission remain relevant today.

Delors Commission_ICAE_1994_AED_42_Scan
Download • 1.96MB

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