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On behalf of PIMA, President Shirley Walters congratulated Robbie Guevara on his recent election as President of the International Council of Adult Education (ICAE). She identified that his many years of experience, passion, creativity, and commitment in leadership roles in adult learning and education (ALE) will contribute greatly to ICAE’s prospects as the leading civil society network for ALE.

With CONFINTEA VII on the 2022 horizon, PIMA is confident that the 163 PIMA members from 37 different countries can participate in helping to set the agenda and then amplify the collective messaging.

Shirley wrote “within PIMA we recognise that we are living in unprecedented times, where we are asking how can we learn, unlearn and relearn, in the interests of global socio-economic and ecological justice? What new opportunities for action are opening up which we, together with other organisations, can envision?”.

PIMA is delighted that a PIMA member is now president of ICAE and we congratulate all newly elected ICAE Executive team.

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