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Bulletin Special Issue CONFINTEA VII

We all experience, to different degrees, the socio-ecological hurricane that is barrelling down across the globe. As adult educators, lifelong learning practitioners, researchers, scholars, and activists, we know the power of adult learning and education (ALE) to respond, in concert with others, to many of the socio-economic, cultural, and ecological issues that are flying around. But we also know that it's difficult to be heard, and to have ALE supported, against the noise of the hurricane! It was for this reason that an alliance of civil society organisations rallied to engage actively in the once in 12- year global opportunity to advocate for ALE at CONFINTEA VII in Morocco in June 2022. The working together of a range of international, regional, national, and local networks and organisations, under the leadership of International Council for Adult Education (ICAE), was exemplary. It demonstrated collaborative organising, where we all shared limited resources of energy, time and money, towards a common goal. PIMA was happy to play its part. President Shirley Walters.

Please find attached a special issue of the Bulletin CONFINTEA VII. Editors Heribert Hinzen, Balazs Nemeth, Julia Denholm and Khau Phuoc.

Bulletin 44
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