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The Farm Lad and the World
Budd L Hall

Young Chris Duke spent his early years

The second world war years

On his family farm in Kent

Born into a peaceable family

His Mum active with the Women’s Land Army

German prisoners, farm hands on their farm, befriended him


Something of the soil, the earth, the land and of the peaceable kingdom

Remained in his heart, in his imagination and even on his hands

As he grew into a brilliant and curious scholar

Cambridge, King's College and more

A critic of the high table

Seeking ways to use his knowledge and skills

To build communities of justice and inclusion


The education of adults caught his eye

Learning for a new world

Learning for justice

Learning for active citizenship

Learning to challenge greed and elitism

Learning how the moon effected the growing of crops in Burgundy

Learning to grow potatoes in allotments in Leamington Spa


The best of his generation

Dr. Duke, Professor Duke, Director Duke

Pro-Vice Chancellor Duke, President Duke

Secretary-General of ASPBAE Duke

Policy writer, UNESCO expert, OECD innovator


A beautiful writer

Policy texts with poetic phrasings

How many books? Countless

How many reports? Countless

How many articles and conference papers? Again countless


A walker on the earth

At home in his many gardens

Loved by his remarkable partner Liz

And his countless children and grandchildren

A friend, such a friend


Your PIMA pen is stilled now Chris

But the impatience of your ideas

The example of excellence in your work

The many whose lives you have touched

Will carry the needed work forward

From the soil, for the earth


For Chris Duke on giving up the Editorship of the PIMA Bulletin


With love, Budd L Hall

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