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Message from PIMA President 
Shirley Walters

This Special Issue of the PIMA Bulletin is to recognise and honour Chris Duke, who has stepped down as founding PIMA Bulletin Editor, after seven years. Under Chris’ watch 45 Issues of the PIMA Bulletin have been published. An outstanding achievement. They are all archived and easily accessible on the PIMA website They are an amazing resource for all scholars, activists, practitioners of ALE within lifelong learning perspectives and approaches. 

Chris is a well-known, highly influential

scholar-activist-organiser with global reach in education.

In this Bulletin, we will learn more about his extraordinary

contribution to adult education, lifelong learning, higher

education, international networking and organising in the

areas of adult and lifelong learning through a mosaic of

stories, poems, letters and articles. However, this

publication is not only about Chris – through Chris’ story we

capture significant historical and contextual moments in

adult education and lifelong learning.

To honour and thank Chris for his immense contribution to PIMA and the PIMA Bulletin since its inception, we believe the most appropriate way is through a Special Issue of the Bulletin - to do for him what he has done for so many others!

Thank you to PIMA’s editorial team of Dorothy Lucardie, Heribert Hinzen, Maria Slowey, Phuoc Khau, and Shirley Walters, and to the 35 contributors, along with technical assistance by Leslie Cordie. All have worked hard and fast to help produce this special bulletin in record time. This bulletin speaks volumes of Chris’ life’s work towards more egalitarian, democratic education and training across the lifespan and the Planet. We present this to honour and thank you, Chris, our wise elder! 

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