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Letters From ~ 2 

Letter from Canada                

A Tribute to Chris Duke

Shauna Butterwick

What words can we find

to give honour to Chris

do justice to his impact

his leadership and all this.


His vision of an earth

of ecosystems and interconnections

of animals, plants and humans

he’s provided us direction.


His commitment, his passions

a decent life for everyone

the ordinary, the real

his words they have spun.


An international network

linking many folks

different views, different places

all wanting to promote.

A global commitment

To climate justice and truth

with humans and more

with elders and youth.


He tends his market garden

nurtures seeds, they grow tall.

His bounty feeds community

nourishing us all.

Seven years he was editor

Of 45 PIMA publications.

That’s more than 6 per year(!)

He’s established a foundation.

For climate justice education

and all that’s required

to transform our relations

we’ve been so inspired.

Shauna Butterwick, Professor Emerita, University of British Columbia, Canada

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