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Gardener's Corner ~ Overview

Chris has spent most of his life not just cultivating plants but also cultivating networks of people. In the Gardener’s Corner we present brief reflections from a sample of people who have benefited from growing and learning with Chris. They share how they met Chris and what it has meant to them to have this relationship. They are from across the world and have known Chris for different lengths of time. All speak of his personal approach, kindness, and generosity in providing guidance and encouragement. Gardener’s Corner celebrates the time and effort that Chris Duke has given to nurture participation within the Bulletin, PIMA network and much more. 

Chris the Gardener

Darlene Clover, with Shauna Butterwick, Canada

Spending time with Chris and Liz

at their home in France

eating his delightful vegetables

her unbelievable cooking.


I smuggled him some 

peaches and cream corn seeds

from Canada. 

He grew them to perfection. 


In Leamington Spa 

his marvellous garden

a masterpiece of wildness.

He knew every single plant.  


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