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PIMA Business 

1. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

PIMA’s Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 12 May 2023. This year we elect the new Governing Committee to lead PIMA over the next two years. Your participation in the meeting is important, not only to make important decisions about leadership of PIMA, but also to get to know other members and to have your say about the direction of PIMA. Given that we are a virtual network from most regions of the world and we seldom have a chance to get to know one another, the meeting will encourage participation through both plenary and break-out rooms. The new Committee will want to hear first-hand what your ideas are about PIMA priorities for the next two years. Please be there and encourage others to do the same! For more information contact secretary, Dorothy Lucardie


2. PIMA Bulletins – opportunities for involvement

This Special Issue gives rich background to the PIMA Bulletins and to current developments. We encourage your involvement in the bulletin, whether as a guest editor of a special issue, an author or a member of the production team.

More specifically the Committee has circulated an advert for a volunteer to work together with the team as Website Editor to assist in the production of approximately 4 bulletins per annum. This is an opportunity for PIMA members to nominate themselves or a member of their network to work collaboratively with colleagues internationally, building the ALE networks. Please contact me if you’d like to explore possibilities.

3. Climate Justice Education: Strengthening Collaboration 
Building on the collaboration across adult learning and education (ALE) networks over the last 3 years, PIMA’s Climate Justice Education group hosted a meeting with MOJA, CASAE, ALA and SCUTREA on 21 March 2023 to see how to play off one another to have greater impact. This will help shape the programme for the year. The article which describes the last three years’ work, was published in Australian Journal of Adult Learning, entitled "Towards an emergent curriculum for climate justice educators/activists". This provided the background for the meeting.       


4. Welcome to New PIMA Member: Serap Asar Brown
We welcome Serap Asar Brown to PIMA. She is a Water lover. Her love and care for Water reflect in her work, including advocacy, poetry, film making and academic studies. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Adult Education and Leadership Studies at the University of Victoria, Canada and aims to find ways to bring care and respect for Water. 

Growing up in a strong community in Istanbul, Serap wears a community lens, which naturally brings the communal values to her light, such as inclusion, collaboration and connection. As a member of PIMA, she wants to promote rethinking and redefining our community relations to Water in the international political agenda.  

Serap holds degrees in Dentistry (DMD), Psychology (BA), and Gender and Women’s Studies (MSc). Previously in Turkey, she contributed to adult education in the fields of public health, dentistry and communication. Serap designed and implemented the United Nations HIV/AIDS Programme in Turkey, provided communications training to civil society organizations nationwide, facilitated campaigns, and coordinated communications and public relations at Bilkent University. Serap loves organizing creative activities, bicycling from source to sea along rivers (, writing and sharing collective poetry, playing the guitar and singing. 


Warm thanks to the outgoing Governing Committee who have worked with vision and purpose over the last two years. As Chris Duke steps down from the Committee at the AGM, he will leave large shoes to fill and footprints to follow – as we say in South Africa, enkosi kakhulu. Hamba kahle, Chris – we look forward to your ongoing wise counsel!

Shirley Walters, PIMA President 

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